hey guys :o)  can you BELIEVE we are entering the HOLIDAY season already?  seriously...it all starts with Halloween and then it is just a whirlwind after that lol!  it feels like it doesn't slow down again until about February...but oh, wait...then it's Valentine's...lol!  alright - I won't get ahead of myself here :o)  I really just wanted to let you know that we are having a SALE at the Shabby Shoppe...AND...we have a bunch of new products for you, too!  The sale will end at midnight (EST) on October 4th...so don't miss it (the sale excludes gift cards and professional use products...and does not apply to previous orders).  So, let's get to the fun stuff...I'll pretty much let the images do the talking for me...hope you like everything...and have fun scrapping :o)

GOOSE BUMPS!  it's a HAPPY and SWEET and GOOFY halloween kit :o)  the kit includes a ton of papers and lots of fun elements and graphics!  the plastic alpha is super cool (and super versatile)!  Goose Bumps has a bit of a 'vintage' feel to it...and is somewhat shabby...but contemporary all at the same time (if that makes any sense)!  it has bright and bold colors...balanced nicely with all of the grays and blacks in the kit!  enjoy it...and check out some of the layouts created by me and the girls...


ONCE IN A BLUE MOON!  this is such a pretty and 'spa-like' paper collection...complete with a bonus, cluster frame :o)  the colors are cool and pretty...and the collection has an organic feel to it!   you can easily mix-and-match the papers with other kits and products...re-coloring elements when necessary.  I enjoyed combining the Once in a Blue Moon papers with the HopScotch kit...and I know some of the girls found the Barefoot collection to coordinate well, too!  So, just have fun working with the papers...and giving 'new life' to some of your existing kits!  Here are the team layouts...


so, some of you girls have been asking for recipe card templates for a while now...and I am so thrilled to bring these to you!  they could not be any cuter...any more fun...or any easier!  Kylie designed these and I think I am her biggest fan, lol!  she totally rocked them (hey, she is a chef after all) and I think you will have a blast working with them!  we have THREE different collections (six recipe card templates per set) for you at this time - MADE FROM SCRATCH, FRENCH TOAST, and MUFFIN MAN (can you tell that I had too much FUN coming up with these product names?  love it, lol)!  each collection has its own unique style (all 6"x4")...but all of them work so well together.  don't stop with recipe cards though...these are perfect for card and brag book templates, too!

 seriously...are these adorable or what?  kylie and I both put together a bunch of recipe cards (using various Shabby Shoppe products and kits...and of course, the recipe card templates) so that I could take some pics to share with you...and inspire you :o)  they are so quick and easy...and look so cute sitting on the counter!  of course, they are also GREAT for GIFTS...just create cards for all of your favorite recipes, wrap with a ribbon and voila - a gift that everyone will love!  of course, you could take it to the next level and actually bake some of the recipes...place in a basket and include the recipe card(s) in the basket :o)  that's always a favorite!  in the event you are interested...the clear frames/stands that I worked with in the photo...are from HERE!  they are 4x6 and best of all - can hold/store quite a few cards.  then, when you are ready to work with one of the recipes...you just flip the frame around and you have the perfect stand :o)



so, I couldn't end this newsletter without a word or two about our 2011 calendars, lol :o)  I PROMISE we are working on them nonstop (and have been for quite some time now)...and they are getting very close!  I just cannot release them until they are 'just-so' and every last detail is taken care of.  it is a huge process from start to finish, and one that I take very seriously!  as you guys know, I do not just create items to sell and add to the Shoppe...I create items to scrap with in my own personal albums...and the calendars are no different.  I use them each and every year and love to gift them to family and friends :o)  as soon as they are all ready, you will be the first to know <smiles>!


I'll quickly mention that we are currently working with TEMPLATE CHALLENGE FIVE at the BLOG...so be sure to join us!  Also, I just shared the free October desktop...check it out :o)  of course, check the blog often for almost-daily posts and new content!  THANKS SO MUCH for reading through the newsletter!  hope you enjoyed it and all of the new 'stuff'!  I would say HAPPY HALLOWEEN...but i'll be 'talking' to you again before then...so i'll save it for later, lol!


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