Hi guys :o)  Happy almost FALL, lol!  We are getting CLOSE (at least here in the northern hemisphere) - though I'm not really feeling it yet, lol!  I'm READY for it and looking forward to the cooler temps...and well, just that FALL atmosphere :o)  Oddly enough, I'm also really excited about the approaching holiday season, and all of the busy-ness that goes along with it (I say that now, we'll see how I feel...ahhhh, I don't know, around mid-November, LOLOL...I might have a completely different outlook at that point, lol)!  But for now, I'm going to bask in the excitement of the changing seasons and the magic of the upcoming holidays!

In the meantime though, how about a couple of fun and sweet new products in the Shoppe?!!!  I am BEYOND happy to introduce the GRACIE collection!  This kit has been in the works for quite some time now...and I'm thrilled that 'she' is complete...and more importantly - that I LOVE her, lol (you guys know by now that if I do not love it...it doesn't make it to the Shoppe or SP site, lol)!  We also have an amazingly gorgeous new set of templates (LAUNDRY DAY) that Kylie put together...they are my new faves :o)

So, let's get to the FUN stuff before I ramble the day away, lol!  This ended up being a long newsletter...not only am I highlighting the new products (which are on SALE until September 13th at midnight EST) and all of the inspiration that goes along with them...but we have lots of other topics of interest, too!  So...go ahead and 'take a scroll' - we hope you are inspired and love all that we have been working on here at the Shoppe :o)

Oh, did I forget to mention that GRACIE is HUGE?  lol!  I do believe that the Gracie collection is my largest kit ever (don't quote me on that as I've been doing this for a while and sometimes forget, lolol)!  But, she is not large just for the sake of being large, know what I  mean?  The kit is FULL of FUN and BEAUTIFUL and USEFUL papers, embellishments, wordart and more!  I think you will find yourself looking to your 'gracie folder' quite often...even if just for a little miscellaneous element here and there!  I could go ON and ON about this collection (my fave to date, without doubt)...but it really wouldn't serve much purpose, lol...so I'll keep it short!  The kit is big, bright, bold, beautiful, happy, eclectic, shabby, vintage, sweet, whimsical, cheery, old-fashioned, and just plain fun!  I wish you could see MORE on the preview image above...but honestly - it was just NOT possible to fit everything on there!  Even with ALL of the preview images in the Shoppe...there are still items that you never see, lol!  So, be sure to peek at the layouts below to get a better idea of what GRACIE is all about...and, of course - visit the product page for an itemized list and more previews!  I truly think you will LOVE this kit :o)


Now, we move on to the FANTABULOUS 'Laundry Day' templates that Kylie put together!  I just ADORE them!  They were specifically designed to capture the look and feel of 'Gracie'...and I think the two new products are a perfect pair!  Like Gracie...the Laundry Day templates have a 'busy' feel to them...and they offer so much opportunity to have fun with your scrapping!  You really just can't go wrong with these...no matter which kit you pair them with :o)  As you can see below...we had lots of fun working with the templates...and making them our 'own'!  I just know you will, too!

Be sure to stop by the SHABBY ARTIST GALLERY to see larger versions of these layouts (along with lots more)!


SP popping in here to Kylie's BLOG BULLETIN area for just a short-ish (lol) moment :o)  For those of you who do not 'know' Kylie yet...she is the Shoppe's BLOG & TEAM Director! You can read more about her on our ABOUT page!  She has been with me at the Shoppe for a while now...but only recently stepped into this new role and position!  I am THRILLED (beyond thrilled, actually) to have her...she is an integral part of the team and has really become my 'right-hand'!  I basically handed the BLOG over to her a couple of months ago, when she accepted this position...so that I could get back to designing (I was spending almost all of my work-time on the blog).  It has been a pleasure to work with her...she excels at everything she takes on - and it really shows in all that she does!  And as the BLOG is really Kylie's 'area' now...I thought it would be a great idea to have her share some of its happenings with us :o)   So, in our efforts to keep you guys up-to-date on all of the blog 'stuff'...look for Kylie's BLOG BULLETIN section in all of our upcoming newsletters!  She'll share info with you about any challenges, events, etc.!  So, without further ado...here's KYLIE...

Happy September from the Shabby Shoppe Blog!!! :o) Now, we've put a floppy hat and sunglasses on our sweet blog and sent it off for its annual end-of-summer vacation...giving our super-talented team a well-earned rest as they settle into their new school-year routine!! And before you miss us too much...the blog will SOON RETURN to its 'regular scheduled programming' ON SEPTEMBER 19...all refreshed and ready to INSPIRE! YAY!! Meanwhile, we've all been scrap, scrap, scrapping with the new kit (isn't GRACIE amazing!!) and working on new and exciting blog stuff for you all to enjoy!! 

And, despite our small break, there is still lots happening around the blog RIGHT NOW...you just don't want to miss!! 

Have you checked out the latest EASY-AS-PIE TEMPLATE CHALLENGE - number 16 (free layered template)?! It's perfect if you've got lots of pics to scrap...and if you join in the FUN by OCTOBER 2 - you have the chance to win a $25 Shabby Shoppe GIFT CARD...easy-as-pie!!! 

Our project SCRAP 2011 is powering along, too!! The AUGUST templates are available for download NOW...and we are sooooo loving all the awesome inspiration that's been popping up in the gallery lately! Our new SEPTEMBER templates will be appearing on the blog as soon as we return from vacation...along with SP's August check-in! Fun, fun, fun!!!

And we are sooooo excited about our very first FAST & FABULOUS Speed scrap COMING SOON!! Beckie, SP and I will be hosting this fantabulous event on Thursday, September 29 at 9pm EST...and we would LOVE to see you there!!! Such a super-quick, easy & enjoyable way to get that special page scrapped! You can find more information on this - RIGHT HERE!  If our first event is a success, you can bet this will become a 'regular' happening at the Blog (and we will do our very best to try and accommodate as many time zones as possible as we move forward)!

In addition to the Fast & Fabulous speed scrap, the blog will return with lots of fun stuff to share...product spotlights, free desktop calendars (our cute September desktop plus a school edition are just waiting to be picked up...HERE!), yummy food and creative hybrid posts, bunches of scrapping inspiration and SO MUCH MORE! We love it when you all stop by! :o)

Thanks - and see you at the BLOG!

:::::::::: Kylie :::::::::::

(now back to SP!)


As I announced earlier this year, we will NOT be adding NEW calendars to the Shoppe this season :o(  There are many factors that went into this decision - but, please know that we will do our best to make NEXT year our best calendar year EVER, lol!  Of course, no worries...we will be updating our previous calendars with 2012 dates and wordart in the coming weeks...and will let you know (via newsletter) when they are all complete (it is a HUGE job, trust me)!  We will also add new date overlays that you can purchase separately for our previously released calendars (exception:  we will not offer new dates for any of our retired calendars). I truly hope you all understand - it was not a 'light' decision that was made...but it was the 'right' decision :o)  I know that so many of you look forward to the new calendars each year (THANK YOU!)...and I truly never want to disappoint...but it was a good year to 'skip' lol!  Thanks again, especially for your patience as I spend the next few weeks working on new date overlays for all of our current selection :o)


Whew...I guess with that, I'll wrap it up, LOL!  THANK YOU so much for taking the time to read the newsletter...I hope you enjoyed it and have fun scrapping with these new goodies!  Have a WONDERFUL and BLESSED weekend!