Hello :o)  How are you guys doing?!  We are great here...albeit BUSY as EVER, lol!  I can't get over the fact that summer will be over soon...and it is already BACK TO SCHOOL time!  Fall clothes and fashions are EVERYWHERE (though it is still sooooo incredibly hot, lol)...school supplies abound...and the holidays are getting closer and closer, lol!  It seems like only yesterday I was so excited about our spring flowers blooming :o)  But, I welcome fall...love it SO much - especially the cooler temperatures (though I do NOT like cold...would rather have the heat, lol)...the special pumpkin flavored drinks at Starbuck's (lol)...and knowing that the holidays are around the corner!  Yes, yes...I am getting a little ahead of myself here...let's get through BACK TO SCHOOL first, huh? :o)

On that subject...we do have a couple of fun and sweet new products in the Shoppe for you!  I am IN LOVE with this new set of templates that Kylie put together...they are simply PERFECT for your back to school/school pages...or, anything else for that matter!  And...Lu worked on the sweetest little set of flash cards - and I had so much fun putting them together and printing/photographing!  They are simply adorable (and functional...and oh so easy, too!)!

So, let's get to those...and a few other topics I thought you might be interested in!  Before I forget...these two new products (along with our teacher's pet products (see below), HopScotch kit, AND HopScotch school additions - be sure and check out the HOPSCOTCH/SCHOOL product spotlight at the BLOG this week) are on SALE for a limited time (sale prices go away on August 22nd)!

See...I told you they were cute, huh?  LOL!  Seriously, I adore these templates and how they truly help my pages come together so quickly!  I'll try not to be too chatty...so, how about some gorgeous inspiration from the girls?  The following layouts are inspiration/examples with the new templates :o)  Please visit the Shabby Artist's Gallery to find out more specific information about the individual layouts!


FUN FUN FUN!  These little cards are just too cute!  You get letters A-Z, and we include them in printable 8.5x11 sheets (four sheets total for the full alphabet) AND, we also include the individual cards :o)  I did that simply because they are super cute as elements on layouts...or for an ABC album/mini album, etc.!  You have the versatility (which is always so important to me)!  These are sized at approximately 3.3x2.5 - which fits into MOST standard name badge/id holders (much like our badge albums here at the Shoppe)!  This is perfect, especially when giving the cards to kids :o)  Of course, you could also laminate them...turn them into magnets...or simply wrap them with ribbon as little gifts/favors!  No matter how you use them...just have fun and enjoy!  Here are a couple of pics from the sets I printed and put together!


I also wanted to take a moment to remind you of two wonderful 'teacher' products we have in the Shoppe :o)  These are some of my faves...and yours, too!  Simple and easy - that's the way I like it, lol!  Whether you want a little something to gift to your child's teacher...or just want some fun little items for yourself - you can't go wrong with these collections!  If you haven't seen them before, be sure to check them out while they are ON SALE!


I am so happy to announce that we will be hosting our first SPEED SCRAP at the Shabby Shoppe BLOG in late September (the last week).  We will be sharing more details as we get closer to the date...but be sure to stay tuned as you won't want to miss out on the FUN!  It will be hosted by Beckie, Kylie and myself - and we are super excited :o)  Hope to see you there!

Speaking of the BLOG...as always, we have been having lots of fun - don't miss out!  It's where we share our free desktops each month...share our monthly template challenges, our project SCRAP templates, and SO MUCH MORE!

Alright, I think that should do it for now, lol!  I truly hope you enjoy our two new products...have fun working with them!  I'm very happy to 'say' that I'll be back soon-ish with a brand new KIT (I am having so much fun designing right now...and I think/hope you will love it!)!  THANKS FOR PEEKING - have a WONDERFUL and BLESSED weekend!